Cheat Sheet for our Job Openings


Workforce and Productivity

Quality Assurance Specialist - Billing Support

The Quality Assurance Specialist examines snapshots and end-to-end lifecycle audits and uses superior analytical skills, CRM mastery, and customer contact to hunt and eliminate defects. You will build and implement quality standards and feedback processes to drive better training and coaching, maximizing the effectiveness of our customer communications.

Training Team Lead


Engineering Manager

Our engineering managers are the best IC engineers on the team even if coding isn’t part of their day-to-day. They lead one or more teams at seed-stage speed, making architectural decisions, mentoring, and driving their team to create robust and reliable software.

Typically requires a minimum of 8 years of related experience with a Bachelor’s degree; or 6 years and a Master’s degree; or a Ph.D. with 3 years experience; or equivalent experience.

Extra credit if your stack includes: Next.js (Express.js/React), Tailwind UI, Flutter, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker



Our finance team is expanding to support our company’s growth, and we need a self-starting Controller with strong collaboration skills, exacting attention to detail and a self-starter approach to their work. +5 years of experience with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting required, and a CPA with at least three years of recent Big Four experience preferred.

Revenue Accounting Manager

This position reports to our head of finance and assists with managing month end close inclusive of the preparation and posting of journal entries. You will collaborate closely with the broader finance team to implement efficient accounting procedures, show off your strong communication skills, and make sure that the company’s financial statements are accurate and timely.

Senior Accountant

Our Senior Accountants have 2+ years of recent and relevant accounting experience and are self-motivated and exacting as they assist with month-end close and the preparation and posting of journals. They report to our controller and collaborate with the broader finance team, showing exceptional communication skills as they work with others to implement effective accounting procedures.

Legal and Risk

Junior Attorney

Clipboard Health Junior Attorneys have an entrepreneurial spirit and prefer a creative and collaborative environment to a purely adversarial career in law. They write with skill and concision, enjoy detail-oriented tasks, love fact-finding, and excel at investigative work. At Clipboard, they make the most of a high-opportunity environment at a groundbreaking company by resolving ambiguity and accepting challenges while maintaining a positive attitude.

Product Team

Associate Product Manager

The Associate Product Manager – New Grad position is designed to grow undergraduates into product leaders. APMs at Clipboard Health move quickly, with high ownership and good judgment from day 1. APMs at Clipboard have scaled operational processes, written new pricing algorithms from scratch, and built new products all on their own.

Product Manager

Product Managers are smart, self-driven generalists serving our rapidly growing Marketplace. You will fill the immediate needs of our users while using hard data, customer conversations, and thinking to drive new projects and improvements. You're adaptable, learn quickly, and drive hard to turn opportunities into reality.

Senior Product Manager

Our Senior Product Managers have a year or more of PM experience (preferably at marketplace companies) and extreme curiosity that digs and digs until it understands the root cause of a problem. They’ve used strategy and a love for details to ship features in small PM teams, and have the ownership to successfully provide solutions even when others fail.


Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Analysts join our new and growing pricing team to develop, deploy and monitor algorithms clearing per-diem transactions in our 600+ labor markets. They are actively looking for real ownership and the opportunity to push A-Z pricing problem solutions all on their own. They talk to customers, find clues, implement solutions and thrive at the pace of our seed-stage speed.

Senior Data Scientist - Pricing

We are active in over 600 labor markets, and we need brilliant people to help us tailor policies to each market. The Senior Data Scientist position brings a Quant BA, M.A., or Ph.D. to the table and assists us in building an automated infrastructure by knitting data and customer conversations into iterative experiment proposals, monitoring results, and recommending new, creative policies based on what they learn.

Strategy and Operations

Finance Scout

The Finance Scout goes anywhere and does anything needed as they work with a handful of other financial analysts. They follow their curiosity, working with sales, marketing, and operation teams to do whatever they want, so long as it revolutionizes the way or organization understands and approaches finance. Finance Scouts have experience in quant or analytics, and make huge impacts in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment.

Finance - Startup Leadership Program

Our Finance Startup Leadership Program takes people with experience and graduate-level knowledge of finance who learn leadership skills in the fast-paced startup world and gets them there fast in a hands-on, high-impact, on-the-job learning environment. You bring the skills, and we provide the leadership philosophy that pushed us from a seed-stage startup to a $1.3b Unicorn in a few short years.


The FP&A supports our major business decisions while using data, analysis, and insight to watch over our general financial health. They work with a variety of teams (sales, marketing, and operations) to get context for the company as a whole, and then use that context to give high-impact advice, recommend big changes, and implement new programs to optimize our financial footing. FP&As have experience in quant or analytics, and make huge impacts in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment.

Management Consulting - Startup Leadership Program

The Management Consulting Startup Leadership Program is the fastest, highest-impact way to translate your management consulting skills to leadership in the ever-changing, fast-moving world of startups. We will show you the lay of the land before fast-tracking you to management, project management, and more as we show you the management program that let us scale from a seed-stage company to a $1.3b Unicorn valuation without any loss of speed or flexibility.

Strategy and Operations

Strategy and Ops team members work at the intersection of operations and analytics while working across the org to drive our business forward. You are incredibly curious as you work to uncover opportunities to improve marketplace operations, and you bring a sharp, high-effort analytical mindset to the table to drive forward high-impact projects.


Recruitment Operations Specialist (Non-US)

As a Recruitment Operations Specialist, you will manage high-volume candidate pipelines in our applicant tracking system and support all recruiting operations across hiring teams, including sourcing, coordinating and managing candidates. You are comfortable reading the data and using it to write reports for talent team and leadership stakeholders up to the C-level.


Director of Sales

The director of sales is a manager of 3-8 sales managers, each of whom manages a team of sales development representatives. They review sales rep calls and emails while immersing themselves in all the numbers related to their performance. They optimize sales processes in ways targeted to move sales metrics, report those metrics clearly, develop manager trainings and coach managers on how to help their reps meet their goals.

Enterprise Sales Manager

An Enterprise Sales Manager oversees a team of salespeople who are responsible for selling to corporate enterprises, typically entities that own multiple healthcare facilities. They maintain accurate reporting on pipelines and funnels and regularly “touch reality” by scoring calls and identifying opportunities for improvement. They conduct role plays and analyze sales metrics and use the data they gather to run experiments aimed at improving team performance.

Field Marketing and Events Manager

The Field Marketing and Events Manager is a talented self-starter who generates demand for our product using conferences and events. They identify and prioritize events based on business impact, plan and host online and offline events, and design integrated field campaigns involving email marketing, direct mail marketing and other channels as they see fit. Requires some travel.

Revenue Strategy and Operations

In the Revenue Strategy and Operations position, you will identify ways to grow revenue and run experiments to prove their efficacy. You might centralize and automate emails for our customers and prospects, implement “lead scoring” to ensure sales teams prioritize the most important projects, or test and iterate new customer acquisition channels.

Revenue Strategy Manager

You’ll manage a team of salespeople who work to sign up healthcare facilities to use our staffing platform. Revenue Strategy Managers optimize processes to move key metrics by examining data, designing experiments and allocating staff where it can do the most good. You are a clear communicator who is comfortable bringing an inquisitive attitude to data analysis to uncover opportunities for improvement whenever possible.

Senior Salesforce Administrator

The Senior Salesforce Administrator comes to the table with a Salesforce Administrator Certification or equivalent experience. They are given governance over an already developed enterprise-level Salesforce org and run large technical initiatives to maintain our ability to work at scale.

Sales Manager

Clipboard Health Sales Managers manage a team of Sales Development representatives calling healthcare facilities to sign them up to use our staffing program. They understand the experience the team is transmitting to customers and prospects by listening to calls, reading emails, and keeping up to date on team numbers. They optimize sales processes and develop training/coaching to help team members make the most of their talent.