How We Think and Write

One of the most important aspects of predicting how well employees and workplaces fit together is how each thinks. A company that thinks and tackles problems in a thoughtful, intentional way that excites you is very often a place that would end up being a place you would be excited to work at. One that accomplishes both those things and also thinks in a way that’s also exciting is not just good, but great. Every document below is an example of how we think. We don’t just mean how we think as individuals (though that’s of obvious importance) but instead how we think as a group. We believe that writing is a big part of thinking, and writing in a way that communicates clearly and invites collaboration is the only effective way to leverage all the thoughts of a group towards a single goal in a way that makes use of all their strengths. Take a look at a few or all of the documents below - they are all good - we promise. If anything about the way we approach problem-solving and projects stands out to you in a way that makes you think we’d be a good fit, let us know; your responses to this writing go a long way toward helping us learn the same things about you.

Sample Documents

Take a look at how we define culture and what it truly means to us.
A description of our product team including composition, leadership, and expectations for team members.
Our overview of how we use working backwards documents as our first and most important planning step for new projects.
The working backwards document introducing our shift overfilling feature shows off an unconventional solution to important issues with trust and reliability.
The high standards our pricing team fulfills as they optimize our markets and enable us to do more for our nurses.
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