Finding Defects & Action Plans

I’ve been thinking about the motion of “how to figure out what to improve in a process you own”. For example, imagine you’re a sales manager looking to improve the revenue output of your team. I actually just sent this to the sales managers in a slack, and wanted to share because it’s likely generalizable for your function / ops motion too:

Sales managers, the basic format of our daily standup is 1) what are you going to improve today, 2) what will you have done by tomorrow morning to improve it, 3) what measurement metric will change by tomorrow morning to tell you that your intervention had the impact you hope? To start with step 1, my best mental model for how to find the list of things you could improve is:
Talk to customers
  1. after a rep had a close-but-not-quite to follow up and see what the customer thought of the conversation, and what the customer thought could be improved.
  2. act like an SDR / AE on your team, from scratch, using the training / resources provided, and do calls yourself. This'll show you where we're missing tools / training, issues in the process today, and show folks on your team what excellence looks like
  3. Track the experience of a single prospect through their many touches with CBH sales: how can it improve?
Listen to calls
  1. What common mistakes are being made? Common opportunities not exploited are passing unnoticed in these calls?
  2. Hold up great calls in front of the team. Recognize excellent skill.
  3. After coaching, what's the mileage each rep gets out of coaching?
  1. Understand the funnel performance of your team as a whole: where are input metrics or conversions furthest from what you think is possible (see 1b, you can use your own numbers)? That'll tell you where to push, though not what to do (without 1 and 2 above).
  2. Performance of each rep: their own personal funnel.
May I suggest that each of you do each of the above, keep notes, and use the results to power what you tackle in standup "what are you going to improve today"? I see many of you already doing this, but wanted to write out my full list of ways to find what to improve today, and please respond in thread with others I've missed!

Edit: as an example, see