Touch reality *yourself*: Customer Conversations & Metrics

This recent conversation I had with a new CBH team member made me think of a broader point. He or she asked:

Also it's interesting that [a person he spoke to internally] mentioned HCPs waiting until the last minute to book shifts, which came up in our discussions while I was interviewing.

I said this (paraphrased):

I would Trust but Verify before you use that insight in your work. We’re trying to build an anti-fragile organization that’s resilient to any one person (i.e. this person) or even an entire group of people being wrong or incomplete. Either in facts (i.e. this anecdote is not representative), or in their interpretation of the facts. You can check in metabase whether this statement is true (and in so doing get much more specific insights) and you can and should talk to HCPs (both customers and former customers / non-customers to find out the context of why) before you “allow it into your mental model” fully.

I trust what our customers tell us, that’s the source of truth. Everything else (including everyone internally) is just a proxy.

Now, to be clear I’m not challenging this specific insight, but just talking about how we should make sure we touch reality regularly and at multiple points along the way in our work rather than letting a proxy (i.e. someone said so) become our reality unchallenged. Customer Conversations and Metrics are our reality. This is our value of Curiosity in action. Leave no assumptions unexamined.

We’re not a place where we take proxies as reality, not because we don’t trust, but because our curiosity is stronger.