Opportunities for People Managers


Our company had to grow from 250 people to 600+ to just keep up with the demands of a 700% revenue growth rate. To keep pace with our company’s hypergrowth, we started to hire rapidly (and still continue to do so) for individual contributors (IC), managers of ICs (M1), manager of managers (M2), and manager of manager of managers (M3). We created a curriculum to develop ICs into management and also train those who are joining us from manager positions externally.

Every division in our company is hiring managers: HR, Sales, Customer Operations, Engineering, and more. If you’re interested, take a look through our job postings and apply for them on our job board. We’d also be glad to hear from you directly; feel free to reach out to us at recruiting@clipboardhealth.com.

What is Management Like at CBH?

Clipboard Health doesn’t just hire people leaders - we create them by giving talented people the opportunities and tools to manage teams.If you think you can lead people, we want to talk with you and help you reach that goal with one of our management training programs.

We don’t make people “wait for their shot” - when people express interest in management, we start working on day one to give them the skills and opportunity to do just that. But that’s just one of the many ways we remove obstacles in the way of you doing big things - read on for more.

We Don’t Let Titles Get in the Way

At Clipboard Health, titles don’t mean much. What we mean by that is that we don’t let titles get in the way of people doing the work they know they can do. If someone sees something they can fix, they can start the process of fixing it by putting together a plan and a project to make it better, regardless of their role in the company.

There Are No Toes To Step On

Sometimes people are afraid to move forward with projects they know they could excel at because they are afraid of getting out of their lane and “stepping on toes”. Clipboard Health is a toeless environment - we expect that anyone in the company is prepared at all times to both help anyone get unblocked in their projects, as well as accept help from any teammate who can offer it.

We erase artificial borders and encourage a “toeless environment” for a simple reason: it lets us make full use of our talent and do good work faster.

We Let Leaders Lead, Regardless of Background

If you’ve worked many places, you’ve probably thought “If they’d let me, I could fix that” at least once. Good news: One of Clipboard Health’s most important values (read: things we reward) is that same kind of initiative, and we give people the training and opportunity they need to achieve it. Here’s a list of people who have joined our team and said they wanted to do big things, complete with what they are doing now:

  • Luke Lida: Building out our ability to make sure healthcare professionals are paid as soon as they finish their shifts with InstantPay for All
  • Eli Zamora: Reactivating churned HCFs (healthcare facilities) and building out a new demand acquisition motion for new lines of business
  • Katherine Chan: Crafting a go-to-market strategy focused on market density
  • Maria Vaysman: Experimenting with charge / bill rates within the marketplace while fighting market contraction
  • Nancy Yang: Leading our marketing team focused on HCP acquisition
  • Samay Jhunjhunwalla: Leading the Billing Team within Customer Operations

This is a list of incredibly high-impact projects that all make real, positive changes in how we help people and run our company, and that’s just our Strategy and Ops team. Every team in the company is similar - no matter who you are or what your professional background is, we want to hear from you.

Overall Management Frameworks

Folks have asked us what our overarching management framework is, and the answer is that we have (and are simultaneously developing) several frameworks[2]. The one we have right now that’s developed enough for external consumption is The Triangle of Management, but we expect there will be more over time.

Meet Our Managers

Head of Product
  • Head of Product [Current]
  • Senior Product Manager [Aug 2020 - May 2021 / 10 Months]
Head of Customer Operation
  • Head of Customer Operations [Current]
Head of Sales
  • Head of Sales [Current]
  • Senior Sales Manager [Jan 2022 - Feb 2022 / 2 Months]
  • Senior Product Manager [Sept 2021 - Jan 2022 / 5 Months]
Chief of Staff
  • Chief of Staff and Head of Recruitment [Current]
Director of Sales
  • Director of Sales [Current]
  • SDR Manager [July 2021 - April 2022 / 10 Months]
  • Sales Manager [Jan 2021 - June 2022 / 6 Months]
  • Account Executive [June 2020 - Jan 2021 / 7 Months]
Head of Strategy and Operations
  • Head of Strategy and Operations [Current]
  • Product Scout [Aug 2021 - April 2022 / 9 Months]
Director of People Operations
  • Director of People Operations [Current]
  • Human Resources Manager [Dec 2019 - May 2021]
Director of Trust and Safety
  • Director of Trust and Safety [Current]

Leadership Off-Site

Clipboard Health’s leadership is unique because our leaders are unique - they come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. This kind of background diversity makes collaboration more fun and deep by promoting an environment that constantly challenges conventional thinking.
Our leadership team meets on a biannual offsite, read more about our offsites and other fun social events we’re doing as a remote-first company!
We’d love to hear from you at recruiting@clipboardhealth.com and look forward to seeing you, whether in person or virtually. Explore how you can be a part of the Clipboard Health team at the link below!