Opportunities for People Managers

This site walks you through our management framework and a series of essays written for those who want to become better at managing managers.

Our company had to grow from 250 people to 600+ in a matter of a year to just keep up with the demands of a 700% revenue growth rate. To keep pace with our company’s hypergrowth, we started to rapidly hire (and still continue to do so) individual contributors (IC), managers of ICs (M1), managers of managers (M2), and managers of managers of managers (M3). We created our own curriculum to develop ICs into management and also train those who are joining us from manager positions externally.

Every division in our company is hiring managers: HR, Sales, Customer Operations, Engineering, and more. If you’re interested, take a look through our job postings and apply for them on our job board.

What Would Be Expected of Me as a CBH Manager?

These excerpts and videos below are taken from our internal management training program.

What can I do today in 15 minutes?

If you’re looking for quick ideas & supporting reading that you can apply immediately with high impact, we recommend the following short essays selected from our library:

  1. Speed Papercut™
  2. Arrange the world to get ridiculous leverage out of your superpower
  3. Accept nothing less than your own definition of excellence
  4. Management Traction
  5. Focus your feedback on folks with high Mileage Per Feedback

As a shorthand, we’ll use M2 to denote a manager of managers. (Internally, M1 means level one manager of individual contributors, M3 means a level three manager of managers of managers, etc).

Overall Management Frameworks

Folks have asked us what our overarching management framework is, and the answer is that we have (and are simultaneously developing) several frameworks[2]. The one we have right now that’s developed enough for external consumption is The Triangle of Management, but we expect there will be more over time.

Meet Our Managers

Head of Product
  • Head of Product [Current]
  • Senior Product Manager [Aug 2020 - May 2021 / 10 Months]
Head of Customer Operation
  • Head of Customer Operations [Current]
Head of Sales
  • Head of Sales [Current]
  • Senior Sales Manager [Jan 2022 - Feb 2022 / 2 Months]
  • Senior Product Manager [Sept 2021 - Jan 2022 / 5 Months]
Chief of Staff
  • Chief of Staff and Head of Recruitment [Current]
Director of Sales
  • Director of Sales [Current]
  • SDR Manager [July 2021 - April 2022 / 10 Months]
  • Sales Manager [Jan 2021 - June 2022 / 6 Months]
  • Account Executive [June 2020 - Jan 2021 / 7 Months]
Head of Strategy and Operations
  • Head of Strategy and Operations [Current]
  • Product Scout [Aug 2021 - April 2022 / 9 Months]
Director of People Operations
  • Director of People Operations [Current]
  • Human Resources Manager [Dec 2019 - May 2021]
Director of Trust and Safety
  • Director of Trust and Safety [Current]

Leadership Off-Site

Our leaders come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences which really makes Clipboard Health’s Leadership team unique. This kind of background diversity makes collaboration more fun and deep by promoting an environment that constantly challenges conventional thinking.
Our leadership team meets on a biannual offsite, read more about our offsites and other fun social events we’re doing as a remote-first company!