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Wei’s inclusion in Entrepreneur’s 100 Women of Influence

Our CEO, Wei Deng, was honored to be included in Entrepreneur’s annual 100 Women list. Clipboard Health has grown fast and done great work in pursuit of Wei’s mission to help as many people up the socioeconomic ladder as possible, and people are taking notice. Go Wei!

Sequoia’s Profile and Backing Announcement For Clipboard Health

Our partnership with Sequoia is one of the more exciting outcomes of the last year for us. In this article, they profile Clipboard Health, our CEO Wei Deng, and talk about our revenue growth and prospects.

TechCrunch Announces our Sequoia-Backed Series C Unicorn Valuation

TechCrunch Announces our $80m Sequoia funding round, our unicorn valuation, and discusses what we’ve accomplished so far and where we are headed. Thanks, TechCrunch!

Our CEO, Wei Deng, Talks About Our History and Future

Wei talks about the origins of the company, the good we do, and why we work hard to do the most we can for the healthcare professionals we serve.

Our President, Bo Lu, Talks About Our Culture and Hiring

Clipboard Health President, Bo Lu, speaks about our "secret sauce", our contribution to our customers, and how we remain distinct in the crowded startup world

How Wei Makes Difficult Decisions

Wei talks about the potential pitfalls of letting your emotions make decisions for you and how quantifying customer needs helps motivate us toward productive choices.

Wei Talks About Her Hardest Week as a Founder

Wei discusses working through hard times, heartbreak, and the difficulties of balancing the emotions and difficulties of life with professional responsibilities.

Wei’s Keynote Speech on Clipboard Health

Clipboard Health was a named sponsor for an event organized by Harvard’s Health{hacks} club and a summit organized by UPenn’s Ascendance Social Enterprise Club where students, alumni, and other invited guests and companies gathered. Our CEO Wei had the opportunity to share what the company is doing and where we’re heading, but most importantly the journey she had to go through before she founded Clipboard Health.