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Read through our company substack where we talk about our team members, our culture, and more! We periodically update our substack with the latest news about our company and our team. We included a mix of employee profiles, thought pieces, and department-specific updates in the articles below to give you an idea of what to expect.

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Our Product Team’s Insane Speed

We take a look at an instance of a major improvement moving from concept to reality in a single business day’s time.

Our Profile of Connor Armstrong

Connor talks about what brought him to Clipboard Health, keeps him here, and the skills that let him excel in a rapidly changing work environment.

Running a Truly Global Team

We talk about the responsibility of running a global team that doesn’t draw lines between people because of mere geography.

Our Profile of Eli Zamora

We talk to Eli about his work at Clipboard, living an international life and his love of remote-work freedom.