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According to The Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median RN makes around $37 an hour; in 2022, the average hourly pay for an RN using clipboard health was more than $54 an hour.

We think that increase matters, and our nurses tell us the same thing. We’ve heard from nurses who were able to buy a car, pay a bill or even send money back to their native Haiti to build a church and school. These are real differences that matter to us and to the healthcare professionals that use our app.

Our aim is to allow healthcare professionals to market their own abilities for their true value. Nurses are in short supply, work hard, and do the best they can for us - the least we can do for them is to make sure they get the true value of their hard work.


We Give Back Schedules

Our app gives nurses control over when, where, and how they work. For some, this means being able to build a schedule that works for their families. For others, it means the time to advance their careers and education.

“Building my own schedule has been huge for me and my family. I can book shifts that work around my life, instead of missing out on things. CNA, New York

We Help Facilities Keep Shifts Filled

According to this UCSF article, the US is experiencing a massive shortage of healthcare providers.

In 2022, Clipboard Health filled a total of 700,000 shifts at the facilities we serve. Each of those shifts represents multiple patients who got better care when they needed it.

“Clipboard Health has helped take the stress out of my work. they will do their best to make sure someone gets there to care for our patients. That’s huge." Staffing Supervisor, Arizona

What Let Nurses Work the Way They Want

The nurses who use our app only take shifts that make sense in the context of their lives. That means they can try out a variety of facilities or build relationships with just a few, depending on their needs.

We help nurses build the kind of experience that makes sense for their careers and goals.

“I like new experiences and working with new people. With Clipboard, I’m able to work in more facilities and more ways than I’d be able to otherwise. I love it.” LVN, Illinois

We are helping more people all the time

Our mission is to help as many people up the socioeconomic ladder as we can, and that starts with pay. Our hard data reflects that, showing a steady increase in the amount we pay our healthcare professionals over time:


We are also helping more people in absolute terms. Here’s a chart showing steady growth in both the amount of facilities we serve and the number of nurses we help:


2022 was a big year for us - we grew and improved over every important metric. We helped thousands facilities and tens of thousands of nurses for the first time. We have no intention of slowing down - we are constantly looking for the team members and methods that will help us help more people in even more significant ways.


I usually work extra shifts when I need extra money, so getting paid fast is important to me. InstantPay means I can go work a shift and have the pay in-hand while it’s still relevant to what I needed it for. CNA, Texas
I like that I don’t have to keep track of whether or not I’ve been paid for the shifts I’m working or not. InstantPay means I can see the payment pretty much right away and stop worrying about it. It’s one less thing to think about. LVN, California

One feature we are particularly proud of is 100% Instantpay, which shipped in January 2022. 100% Instantpay ensures that all healthcare professionals using our app get paid 100% of the wages owed to them from their shift directly after completing it, making sure funds are available for their use as soon as possible. Since then, the number of Instantpay shifts completed and paid has steadily risen:


Nurses use our platform for a lot of reasons, from schedule control to workplace choice. Sometimes those reasons are related to an immediate need for extra funds, and we are incredibly proud of 100% Instantpay’s success in making sure they can get those funds as soon as possible.

License Manager

Every healthcare professional in the US has at least one license that allows them to work, but many have multiple licenses for multiple qualifications, each allowing them to do different kinds of work, work in different places, or work for different facilities.

To accommodate this, we built a streamlined license upload process, verification standard, and organization structure we call License Manager. With License Manager, a professional can upload as many licenses as they need and quickly see any and all shifts available to them through any of their various qualifications.

Since releasing License Manager:

  • Over 22,000 new licenses were uploaded in the 2 weeks following License Manager shipping
  • The proportion of shifts worked with a user’s non-primary license has increased 400%
  • Some users have seen their weekly income nearly double due to the increased availability of shifts

License Manager represents an improvement to a previous process, one that worked but did not work perfectly. We are proud to say we never stop working on a problem until it’s really solved; License Manager represents an example of a time that paid off in a big way for our customers.

Priority Access

When our healthcare professionals prove themselves to be exceptionally reliable, both Clipboard Health and healthcare facilities notice. If a facility consistently gives particular healthcare professionals a high satisfaction rating, they will be able to see and claim shifts the facility posts before they become generally available. This means our healthcare facilities can more consistently fill shifts with healthcare professionals they already trust, and our healthcare professionals work at the facilities that appreciate them the most.

Variable Charge

Sometimes facilities have an exceptional, high-priority need for a healthcare professional and are willing to pay more to be sure their shift is filled. Often, healthcare professionals are willing to work on short notice to fill these shifts, and we wanted to make sure they were rewarded for their dedication.

Variable Charge allows healthcare facilities to opt into an increased rate in hopes that it incentivizes nurses to fill it, even if it’s at an inconvenient time or short notice. Coupled with our Minimum Pay Filter, Nurses are able to easily find these higher-paying shifts and accept them.

Everyone wins - Facilities are able to fill hard-to-fill shifts, Healthcare Professionals are appropriately rewarded for filling them, and patients get the care they need.

We Need Your Help to Do Even More

When you help people in real, meaningful ways, you grow fast. Clipboard Health is doing a massive amount of good work for the people we help, and the only thing keeping us from doing more is hiring enough talented and motivated people to keep up with our incredible growth.

If you want to join a team where you can start making huge impacts for people right away, we’d love to see your application. We look forward to seeing all the good you can do!