How the Product Team Works

Our current practices are outlined in the bullet points below. But the nature of hypergrowth means these rituals and methods will evolve to meet the demands of the company:

PMs are working in two-week “sprints”
Our teams post-release notes every week
Our teams are encouraged to talk to customers as much as we can
We write Working Backwards Documents (WBDs) to green light large initiatives

Keep in mind that we’re anti-consensus -- these WBDs are not attempts to make sure every stakeholder “signs off”. They exist to:

  • Pressure test our thinking ahead of rolling out a high-blast-radius initiative
  • Ensure that we’re building with the ideal experience in mind
We have a Weekly Product and Development Review meeting where we dive deep into one area or project with a cross-functional group
We have Weekly Product Team meetings where everyone prepares a weekly write-up and we read, reflect, collaborate and press each other on our current projects (or other areas of discussion)

These standards provide a good view into how we think, but if you’re a candidate reading this, then I’d emphasize that we write a lot, and writing is a vital part of how we plan and communicate. If you don’t enjoy writing (or reading), you likely won’t enjoy your time here. We are meeting-light and rely heavily on asynchronous communication.