We Take Hiring Seriously

Interested in joining us? Given the incredible momentum of our company, we’re always hiring for top talent. We have opportunities available for everybody - for those who have just graduated college, for those who have been in the workforce for quite some time, for those who are interested in an individual contributor (IC) role and for those who are interested in management.

Clipboard Health Job Board

If you don’t find a perfect match on our job board, feel free to reach out to recruiting@clipboardhealth.com with your resume. We have created tailored roles that weren’t listed on our main job board for strong candidates before and would be happy to consider this option for you as well!

Our Philosophy on Hiring

At Clipboard health, we take hiring seriously. Our managers dedicate more than half of their time to hiring and our top performers are all actively involved in the hiring process, whether they review the case studies you submit, participate in interviews, or review candidate experiences to make the process better and faster.

We hear and listen to your feedback (we send out candidate surveys after every interview and look at reviews on Glassdoor and Blind) and use that feedback to continuously fine-tune our hiring processes (we make at least one new adjustment every week).

We adjust every aspect of the hiring process - case study projects, job descriptions, the questions that we ask, our evaluation criteria, our outreach messages, and more - so that you could have the best candidate experience possible.

Why do we have case studies?


Case studies are our 🍞 and 🧈 to our hiring machine. Every job at Clipboard includes a case study at some point in the hiring process.

We think of case studies as a living tool. As we use the tool more, we learn more about how people respond to it and what their responses mean, and we adjust the case study as needed to make it more efficient and informative.

We also adjust ourselves - as we use and learn about individual case studies as tools, our hiring managers share those learnings to constantly improve our ability to learn more about our applicants and make better hiring decisions.

What do we look for?

We think that everyone has a superpower - a potential to move some part of our mission forward further and faster than anyone else could. If we can identify that superpower, we can then place teammates in the roles where they will accomplish the most and be the happiest - it’s that simple.

We realize that everybody has that key skill that they excel in compared to others, whether that’s writing, math, sales, or anything else. Our goal is to have your superpower shine in the work that you do and in the position that you’re in. If the job you applied for isn’t a great fit for the superpower we uncover, no problem - we try to find a role that is and ask if you’d be interested in it.


Each of you has a superpower; get as much leverage for as many people across the company as you can from it. Teach it. - our President, Bo Lu

Our President, Bo Lu, Talks About Our Culture and Hiring

Clipboard Health President, Bo Lu, speaks about our "secret sauce", our contribution to our customers, and how we remain distinct in the crowded startup world