Opportunities in Strategy & Operations

We expect S&O Team Members to take ownership of problems. These problems range from sets of underperforming markets to leading functional teams or building new lines of business. Our S&O team sits within the product team, and our proximity to the product team allows us to understand and solve problems locally before deploying productized solutions globally. These solutions can be delivered by working with an ops team, working with a PM, or grabbing an engineering team and acting as a PM. S&O team members stay flexible, because no matter what form our path forward takes, it’s the S&O team’s responsibility to do what’s necessary to solve problems.

Strategy and Operations team members typically interact across several cross-functional teams. Most problems that the team handles fall into these buckets:

New Verticals / Expansion Strategy
  • Today, we’re primarily a long term care labor marketplace. In the future, we want to be a sector agnostic, global labor marketplace for shift based work. What has led us to where we are today will not get us to where we want to be in the future, and our Strategy and Operations team leads the charge in exploring new verticals where we can build new labor markets. We’ve started investing here today in a few different areas and will continue to explore new markets where we can add value by matching supply and demand.
New Products
  • Our customers are constantly directly asking us for new products, or sharing frustrations with their daily work that we know can become new products. Talk to customers and look at the strategic landscape to figure out which ones we should do now vs later, and then pick one (or more) and launch them. You’ll grab an engineering team, an ops team (if you need one), and build / launch / learn to solve more problems for healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals nationwide.
Leading Operational Teams
  • Those leading operational teams have different problem sets, but the approach they take is very similar. They’re expected to look at metrics, understand and define what “success” would look like for that team and how that will impact our customers positively before implementing solutions they design to deliver value to customers as quickly as possible.

No matter what a member of the team is tasked with, everyone is expected to dive into the numbers and speak directly with our customers to implement solutions that will improve our marketplace. By design, the S&O team has a lot of freedom to move and is focused on the most important customer problems; members of the team are encouraged to pick up threads all over the business rather than in one specific focus area.

Active Projects Our Team Members Are Currently Working On

  • Eli Zamora: New Verticals - Establishing Clipboard as a player within Hospitals
  • Katherine Chan: New Verticals - Establishing Clipboard as a player within Dentistry
  • Kareem El Menyawi: New Verticals - Exploring where to establish Clipboard as a player next
  • Maria Vaysman: Leading New Product Sales
  • Samay Jhunjhunwalla: Leading Customer Operations, overseeing Billing, Documents, and Trust and Safety
  • Ben Rosenbaum: Leading the Payments Support team along with Tech Ops
  • Riley Cunningham: Leading the Billing Disputes Team and customer discovery as an Account Manager
  • Michael Slawson: Leading Hospital Sales
  • Riley Wilson: Breaking Clipboard into new markets within the core marketplace

Strategy Groups and Structure

Read the full doc on our group organization here

Our product/engineering/strategy teams are structured into various groups oriented around a set of customer problems (“missions”). Those missions are not fixed or even exclusive; there might be times when multiple Groups are attacking the same problem. That’s both acceptable and (on the margin) expected.

A group is a cross-functional unit led by a Group Product Manager alongside one or more Engineering Managers and strategy team members.

Workplace Customer Problems
  • As an HCF, I want the quality of my part-time/agency HCPs to be at least as good as my full-time HCPs
  • As an HCF, I want shift management to be frictionless
  • As a new HCF, I need staff in the building today
  • As an HCF, I want to be able to solve my problems without Support involvement
  • As an HCF, I can’t get all the HCPs I need through CBH because I ran out of credit
    • As CBH, we might lose a lot of money due to bad debt
Worker Customer Problems
  • Quickly acquire and activate high-quality HCPs
  • Make the booking experience fast and easy
  • Make payments fast, reliable, and seamless
    • As CBH, we might lose a lot of money due to fraud
Marketplace Problems
  • As an HCF, I think CBH/staffing is unreliable
  • As an HCP, there are shifts I would have worked if the pay was higher
    • As an HCF, I am having a bad experience filling shifts
  • As an HCP, I don’t have enough good shifts
Platform Engineering Group
  • The mission of the Platform Engineering Group at Clipboard Health is to ensure that our engineering system (services, infrastructure, applications) can meet the demands of scale as our business grows. Platform teams make investments to complement and accelerate the work of our more purely product-focused teams.
  • Note the Platform teams will also help reduce the risk of collision since we’re not dedicating product real estate to particular teams.

These missions are not a collectively exhaustive list of what could be worked on, but simply what we’ve deemed to be the most important missions at this moment in time.

Strategy & Operations Thought Pieces

The product team and strategy & operations team work very closely together; we included writing from our product team as well because it provides valuable context regarding the kind of work you’d be doing here.

These documents were selected to give you a peek at how our teams are structured, how they approach their work, and most importantly how that structure and philosophy translate effort into fast, effective work that helps our customers as much as possible in the areas they need help the most.

We work and plan better by outlining the exhaustive set of problems that we may want to attack during the quarter. The goal of our investment memos is to accomplish this not necessarily by committing to a particular solution but instead by proposing a wide variety of solutions and internally crowdsourcing feedback before moving forward. This increases the “surface area” of exposure each idea gets and vastly improves our decision-making process.
Clipboard Health participates in over 600 markets; each performs best with a unique set of optimizations. Our marketplace tuning documents are regularly updated sync sheets that keep all our teams updated on each other’s progress, and allow different teams to learn from each other in real time.

Strategy & Operations Job Opportunities

Strategy & Operations
We are looking for an outstanding Strategy and Operations Team Member who will work at the nexus of operation and analytics while working across the org to drive our business forward. You'll be insanely curious, uncover opportunities to improve the operation of our marketplace, and deploy your sharp analytical mindset on high-impact projects.
Finance Scout
As a Finance Scout, you’ll be one of a handful of finance analysts in a several hundred million dollar P&L inside a Sequoia-backed unicorn, where your mission is to follow your curiosity and do whatever you want. You might work with our Sales, Marketing, or Operations Team to hunt down insights about how to run the marketplace better. This is a go-anywhere do-anything role.
Finance - Startup Leadership Program

Our Finance Startup Leadership Program takes people with experience and graduate-level knowledge of finance who learn leadership skills in the fast-paced startup world and gets them there fast in a hands-on, high-impact, on-the-job learning environment. You bring the skills, and we provide the leadership philosophy that pushed us from a seed-stage startup to a $1.3b Unicorn in a few short years.

Management Consulting - Startup Leadership Program

The Management Consulting Startup Leadership Program is the fastest, highest-impact way to translate your management consulting skills to leadership in the ever-changing, fast-moving world of startups. We will show you the lay of the land before fast-tracking you to management, project management, and more as we show you the management program that let us scale from a seed-stage company to a $1.3b Unicorn valuation without any loss of speed or flexibility.

Meet Our Strategy & Operations Team Members

Head of Strategy and Operations
  • Head of Strategy and Operations [Current]

Past Experiences:

  • Associate, Business Development and Capital Markets at tZERO Group Inc
  • Analyst at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
  • Project Manager at Epic

Strategy and Operations
  • Strategy and Operations Manager

Past Experiences:

  • Strategy and Operations Manager at Google
  • First Cohort at On Deck Strategy and Operations
  • Global Strategy and Operations for Uber
Strategy and Operations
  • Strategy and Operations Manager
  • Strategy and Operations
  • Product Analyst

Past Experiences:

  • Business and Tech Contributor at La Vanguardia (Spain's biggest newspaper)
  • Senior Consultant at Latam Training Group
  • Supply Chain, Strategy, and Innovation Consultant at Accenture

Strategy and Operations
  • Strategy and Operations Associate

Past Experiences:

  • Associate, Relationship Investments for CPP Investments
  • Investment Banking Analyst for Goldman Sachs
Strategy and Operations
  • Strategy and Operations Manager

Past Experiences:

  • Senior Associate, Direct Private Equity at CPP Investments

Product / Strategy & Operations Off-Site

Our product team members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, which really makes Clipboard Health’s Product + Strategy & Operations team unique. This kind of background diversity makes collaboration more fun and deep by promoting an environment that constantly challenges conventional thinking.
Our product team meets on a quarterly product offsite. Click the link to read more about our offsites and other fun social events we’re doing as a remote-first company!